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Laine Hunkeler



   Laine's passion for the arts started at a very young age.  The love of makeup and hair grew from watching old movies and getting involved in community theatre in Greenville, SC.  She then wanted to know everything about theatrical and movie magic and how monsters were made.  Some of Laine's greatest ins​​pirations include Jack Pierce, Alex Box, Kevin Aucoin, and Rick Baker.  Laine set off to study at the Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Webster University directly out of high school.  She then took a break from college to get her cosmetology license and get a few years of professional experience.  During that time she worked in a salon and for MAC Cosmetics to strengthen her craft.  She also began doing photoshoots, commercial work, and fashion shows to build a portfolio in hair and makeup.  After realizing education is the key to success, Laine went back to finish her degree and Webster University for Theatre Wig and Makeup Design.  She has a true passion that radiates from every bone in her body.  Its this passion that pushes her to create amazing things and work well with others in her craft. 

"Creating art through hair and makeup is why I wake up in the morning and step out of bed.  I see beauty in everything around me.  I want to use my craft to capture what I see and show the world that everything is beautiful or is some instances, grotesque."

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